Ashley & Brandon(non-registered)
Wow! Dan, you do a great job at capturing the detail in each photo. I have never seen such quality photography for wildlife before. Loved how you caught the otters at the moment they were looking at you. Such precious moments. Love the beauty you've allowed us to enter into. Thanks!
With"wow-power"throughout your work, I was touched by captures of dogs with their owners reflecting their partnership. Thanks for sharing your giftedness with us. Keep it up!
Beautiful pictures. I just love the wild life. You have captured their very beings. Fired my learn how to take and capture such scenes. Thank you
Sherwood Lincoln(non-registered)
Breath-taking images!
Faye Rushing(non-registered)
So glad that Paige put us on to this site. It's wonderful; beautiful....awe inspiring. Thank you and keep up the good work.
I met you in Agness looking forward to seeing more of your pictures .
Dave P(non-registered)
Beautiful images of your subjects.
Bud Ralston(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! I'm envious of your access. Thanks for your guidance to the Anchorage area.
Vie Sereine(non-registered)
Beautiful captures! Are most from Alaska? My favorite place on earth.
Darrell Correia(non-registered)
just awesome stuff,................ thanks for the words on Nikon cafe
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