Dan Roberts is a semi-pro nature photographer who resides in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife, Paige. His interest in photography grew out of a passionate life’s long interest in nature. Early in life in the southeastern US he expressed that passion as an avid hunter and student of biology and animal behavior. Countless hours spent in the woods, swamps, and salt marshes of his youth helped him developed critical skills in field craft. Now Dan applies those skills to wildlife photography which he considers to be “low impact hunting”.

Moving to Alaska in 2000, Dan’s interest in photography really blossomed. Switching to digital in 2005 is what he describes as a “step change” in his development as a photographer. If asked whether there is any particular subject matter that he considers himself an “expert” on, he says it would have to be bald eagles and northern sea otters due to the many hours spent observing and photographing those species on Prince William Sound.

Dan and Paige now operate their small business Northern Focus Photography from their home in Alaska. In addition to nature photography they have also incorporated their life’s long love of dogs into the business by photographing canine sports and portraiture. Copies of Dan's photos have appeared in local, national, and international media. Samples of Dan’s portfolio can be seen on their website, northernfocusphotography.com.